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Our Vendors

Obviously, the Catawba Valley Farmers Market would not exist without our wonderful vendors. 
These folks work very hard throughout the year to provide their wares to the public. 
It goes without saying that we appreciate each and every one of the folks that participate
in our effort to bring fresh, nutritious food to our market.
If you would like to receive an application to become a vendor at our market, CLICK HERE.
Frank & Pam Garman

Walnut Hill Farm

In continuing with family tradition,
Frank and Pam Garman have acquired the Walnut Hill Farm business from Frank's parents,
Frankie & Louise Garman.
They raise healthy grass-fed Angus cattle that are antibiotic free. Their beef products are processed under USDA inspection and the meat
is vacuum packed before being frozen. 
The beef is sold as steaks, roasts, London broil and ground beef.  The Garmans also sell Apple-Wood Smoked bacon, mild pork sausage,
as well as country ham slices.
As Catawba Valley natives, Frank and Pam are willing to share their knowledge of Catawba history. Feel free to reach out to Pam
with questions about their meats,
cooking suggestions and recipes.
Steve & Pam Hall
Steve & Pam Hall

Hall Gardens

Steve and Pam live within a mile of the Farmers Market, so their produce truly is local!

It is also very fresh since most of it is pulled, picked or cut the morning of the Market.

Nothing excites Pam more than getting to
dig in the dirt.  She loves to plant tiny seeds, watch them grow and then produce cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, or radishes. 

Steve is the tractor operator, getting

the garden spaces ready for planting.

In addition to their produce, the Halls

also sell apples, peaches, pickles,

jams and granola.

Steve sometimes has his handmade

baskets available.

Dean-Laura Bower Profile.png
Dean & Laura Bower

Hillside Plants & Produce


Dean & Laura and their son, Jeff, live just outside of Fincastle.  They have been growing produce for many years.  In addition to a wide variety of produce, the Bowers sell vegetable and flower plants, hanging baskets, pumpkins and mums.  Their most popular items are tomatoes, green beans, corn and cucumbers.  Dean and Laura state that providing local food and other products for the people dedicated to buying locally is the most positive aspect of their work.

Kristy & Lindsey Sowers

Rocky Ridge Farm  -  Flower Haven 


Kristy Sowers and daughter Lindsey live in Roanoke County, where Lindsey grows flowers and plants.  Kristy does the baking, providing their booth with a variety of home-baked cakes, cookies and candy.   

Kristy will also be offering a variety of produce grown on their Rocky Ridge Farm, along with boxed selections of vegetables.  Lindsey will continue selling cut flowers, vegetable and flower plants and hanging baskets. 

Alice Ricucci

Bear Tree Farm


Alice lives in the Catawba Valley with her husband, their flock of chickens and their dogs.
Alice brings baked goods to the Market – fruit pies, breads, cookies, cakes, and her most recent endeavor, fried pies, along with fresh eggs. 

Alice uses her own fresh eggs in her baked goods.  Much of the fruit comes from her own trees and the rest of the fruits are sourced locally.  Alice is busy the day before and during the morning of Market day, preparing her pies, cakes, etc., so they are fresh for her customers.
Alice loves to sew, resulting in quilts, ladies handbags, face masks, table runners, potholders, microwave bowl holders, bibs for babies and adults, eyeglass, checkbook holders

and much more.

Rebecca McKeever

McKeever Pottery


Rebecca is a native of Roanoke County and resides in Vinton.  She was a Roanoke City Schools art teacher for 25 years & decided that she wanted to be an artist and have more control over her time.  Rebecca makes and sells a variety of functional pottery, as well as some decorative items.  Her wares include coffee cups (her most popular item), bowls, platters, butter dishes, butter bells (ask her about the history of these), buttons, roses, birds, hair pins & so much more.
Her products are microwave & dishwasher safe.  Each piece is an original.  
Rebecca frequently brings her potters wheel

to the farmers markets and works

on projects while there. 

She's happy to answer questions about her craft.

Lori Lowther
Spring Branch Farm
Lori and Luke's family live in the Catawba Valley. Lori has been growing herbs for many years and likes to explore different ways to use them.

She offers fresh cut herbs, potted plants,

dried herbal teas, herbal sink scrub,  fresh herbal salad dressing, and fresh herbal iced tea.
      Lori also offers handmade rag rugs and sink scrubbies. Her grandmother taught her how to crochet when she was just 10 years old and she's been making rugs ever since.

She has many sizes and colors to choose from every week at the market and also takes orders for custom-made rugs.

Jason & Stefanie Sarine

Humble Hen Farm & Nursery


Humble Hen Farm & Nursery is a grower

of fine perennial plants catering

specifically to discerning collectors.

We focus on shade loving varieties but also

have a wide selection to choose from.

While primarily a mail order nursery,

we are now bringing choice plants to market

for local customers to enjoy.

Quality is paramount in everything we sell,

so expect nothing but perfection when you

take home a Humble Hen perennial.

Humble Hen is veteran owned and was started

by Jason and Stefanie Sarine in 2016.

Looking for a quieter life and one closer to nature, we made the full time shift to the nursery in 2022. Devoting all of our time to the plants allows us to produce a premium quality that our customers won't find from big box stores.

Profile Final.jpg
Kinzey Farm Sourdough

Kinzey Farm


Valerie lives in Catawba Valley

with her husband, Chip, and sons. 

Valerie bakes all of the sourdough bread

in their farmhouse kitchen. 

Kinzey Farm Sourdough bread is naturally leavened using sourdough culture also called starter. Each loaf is handcrafted and long fermented for 12-24 hours. 

This makes it easier to digest since the fermentation breaks down some of the gluten.  After achieving this healthy fermentation,

each loaf is baked in a steam oven from Belgium.  The end result is a chewy authentically

artisan loaf of bread.

Lorene Schwartz.png
Lorene Schwartz

Beliveau Farm Winery


Representing Beliveau Farm Winery, established and owned by Yvan and Joyce Beliveau and located in the Catawba Valley, Lorene Schwartz offers a delightful and varied selection of jams made from scratch with the winery's own grapes. Lorene developed and refined each of the jam recipes herself, crafting a small but growing range of flavors to complement a variety

of different culinary creations.
In keeping with Joyce Beliveau's special affection for lavender, also grown on the winery property, some of the jams also contain a small amount of the herb, creating a light and earthy

undertone which altogether pairs well

with all manner of cuisines.
The stand also offers vineyard-grown culinary-grade lavender, the same as is added to the jams, for those who wish to try to improve

their own recipes.

2024 New Vendor Banner.png
Dave Hayman

Wood Crafts Designer


Dave was raised in Virginia Beach

and served his country during 

the Vietnam War era.
He makes his home these days in Salem, VA.
He retired in 2015 and now spends his time building Bird Houses, Bird Feeders,

Log Cabins and other wood crafts.
Dave will participate in the Catawba Valley Farmers Market on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays.


2024 New Vendor Banner.png
meg profile 2020 fix.jpg
Meg Hibbert

The Cookie Lady

Meg lives in Salem.

In addition to Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies,

she sells baked-that-morning scones, fruit muffins, sourdough rolls and cornbread. 

Meg uses local fruits whenever possible,

local cage-free eggs and real butter. 

She uses handed-down and

community cookbook recipes.  
Meg bakes special orders and delivers locally within 10 miles of Salem.
Another of Meg's specialties is locally grown catnip and catnip sock cat toys.

Jake Anderson and Beth Mason
Sweet Tree Honey & Botanicals


Sweet Tree is a mother and son team offering local honey and natural health and beauty products. Jake is the beekeeper with 20 hives located from Salem to Bent Mountain. He lives in Roanoke and works as a nurse at Carilion.

His 4 kids, work, and bees keep him very busy,

so you won't see him at the market very often. Beth is a Master Gardener using Jake's beeswax and honey with herbs and flowers from her garden to create small-batch skincare products. She grows lavender, calendula, chamomile,

and many other herbs to use in her nourishing creations. She makes chap-sticks, lotions,

healing salves, and soaps with natural

and high-quality ingredients.

Beth and her husband recently moved

to New Castle from Michigan.

Mallory Ballard
Ballard Soap Company


Ballard Soap Company is a small family business from Salem, VA. We started the business as a hobby and were making party favors for family events such as Gender Reveals and Baby Showers. Since then, we have taken our hobby and turned it into a fun business.

We make beautiful soaps that are not your average bar of soap. Our soap has skin loving ingredients for all skin types.

We also enjoy making candles and wax melts

out of 100 % Beeswax.

You can find all of our bath products and candles the first and third Thursday of each month here at the Catawba Farmers Market.

Judy Fielder

Deco Mesh Wreaths, Etc.


Judy makes deco mesh wreaths using a 14-inch metal wreath frame including paint stick swags using a 5-gallon paint stick for all occasions. Decorative wired edge ribbon is attached and will include either a bow or a sign.

Also available are ribbon covered styrofoam wreaths on a 9- inch frame in which various

3-D sticker themes are attached.
Judy will participate in the Catawba Valley Farmers Market on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays.
Orders can be placed in person at the market

or you can contact Judy at home

@ (540) 552-3654.

2024 New Vendor Banner.png
final Allison Frick.png
Allyson Frick

Roanoke County Library


Allyson is the Community Engagement

Librarian for Roanoke County Public Library.

She coordinates outreach efforts at local schools, assisted living facilities, and community events. She also drives the RoCo

Words on Wheels (WoW!) Bookmobile.

The WoW! Bookmobile is a mobile library that brings resources and services to the Roanoke County community, and it will be at the Catawba Valley Farmers Market on the first Thursday of every month (except July 4, makeup date set for July 11). Come get a library card

or check out a book with us today!

Possibility starts with discovery!

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