Sam Parrish

Opa's Microgreens


I've always enjoyed gardening and I've had some nice gardens with a variety of plants growing.

I've also researched other methods for growing such as Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Aeroponics.


Hydroponics was interesting but Aquaponics really caught my fascination and imagination.
I am a researcher, I love to learn.

As I studied and read, I stumbled across

this thing called Microgreens.

Initially, I wanted to try it just for a good source

of nutrition for my family and simply because

it sounded like fun.

I purchased some seeds and planted them following what I learned from my research. Success! I grew Sunflowers, Peas, Red Kale

and Green Kale. I was hooked.

The name "Opa's Microgreens" came about

simply by brainstorming different possibilities.

I settled on the name because it gives it a downhome sort of country feel

and I'm an Opa, which is german for grandfather.