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Marian McConnell

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Thursday, July 21

Marian McConnell is a local author, artist, musician, and landowner (with her husband Dano)
of the infamous Catawba Murder Hole Cave.
She has written a book, "Murder Hole - Catawba Murder Hole Cave,"
about this amazing local landmark; and with videographer and fellow caver Dave Socky,
made a 28-minute documentary DVD about the Murder Hole.

Catawba Murder Hole cave in Botetourt County, Virginia, is an infamous unique place of danger and beauty. 

The BOOK, by landowner and caver Marian McConnell, is available (hardback and paperback) about this fascinating cave.  It is a collection of legends, history of its early explorers, and stories from those who survived accidents in its dark depths.  She will share stories about the book, caves, caving, and bats, and perform a song or two she has written about them. Her book contains over 150 pages of historical and current photographs, maps, artwork, stories, and more.  Chapters include:  Legends of Murder Hole; Death, Injuries, Rescues and Incidents; Caves in Virginia; Early Explorers; A Trip into Murder Hole; Mysteries; plus appendices on Safety, Conservation, and a Chronology of Trips from the more than 20 years

that Marian and Dan McConnell have owned the cave.  

The MOVIE, by David Socky and Marian McConnell, is a 28-minute documentary, complete with drone footage, videos, photographs, original music, and a trip into all three levels of the cave. 

Viewers will get a "bird's eye view" of the cave and the Catawba Valley, and travel into its depths

to learn about its history and see some of its stunning formations. 

Wild caving is a potentially dangerous activity, and is strenuous and not for everyone --

but everyone can enjoy seeing what it looks like from the comfort of their armchair.  

The Seed and the Songfix.jpg

 The Seed and the Song children's hardback books;

just published and out in June 2022.  The author is Joy Sylvester-Johnson

(former CEO of the Rescue Mission of Roanoke) and Marian did the illustrations.
The books are 29 pages of color illustrations and are based on the parable of the mustard seed.
Jillian has lost her song, and she and her brother and sister, and dog, Lily, go on a quest to find it.  
All proceeds benefit the New Mercy Care Academy, 
a children's school in Nairobi, Kenya.

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