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As an added service and convenience for our customers,
we have a "Wooden Nickel" program at our Market.
This works very similar to an ATM – you bring your credit/debit card to the Market Representative
and you decide the amount you want to charge to your card.

The Market Representative swipes your card & charges that amount to your card.

You will then be given the equivalent of the charge back to you in $5.00 increments
of “wooden nickels” that you can use to make purchases at the Market.
The vendors treat these as cash and will give you any change that is due you.

If you don't use all of your wooden nickels, see the Market Representative to exchange them.
They don't expire, but they can only be used at the Catawba Valley Farmers Market.

This program is offered merely as a convenience to those customers who don't carry cash
or personal checks, or for those who might need additional cash to shop at the Market. 

* * *Be assured that all of our vendors will always accept cash and some of them will accept personal checks.* * *
Catawba Valley Farmers Market accepts credit card payments thru Square.
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