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EVERYBODY knows a great recipe . . . so . . . we thought it might be a good idea
to begin collecting some of yours, and some of ours.
With that in mind, you may CLICK HERE to submit your recipe to our Market Secretary.
We encourage recipes that include ingredients that are usually found at the Catawba Valley Farmers Market.
All entries will be reviewed before posting and CVFM will have sole publishing discretion.
Of course...a photo is encouraged and recommended.
To see the complete list of recipes, click the 'Recipes' Button above to get started.
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Ever wonder which vegetable or fruit is "in season"?
Check out this handy guide from our friends at the Virginia Dept of Agriculture & Consumer Services.
Learn the approximate time that fruits and vegetables are available at Catawba Valley Farmers Market. 
By the way, the grower's location, weather conditions, etc., do affect this timetable.
To see the list of fruits & vegetables, click the 'What's in Season' Button above to get started.
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