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Roam around Roanoke County with Kaelyn and learn more about our community, your local government, and the many destinations you'll only find in Roanoke County, Virginia.
Hello from the Catawba Valley Farmer's Market!

If there's one thing I dread doing, it is going to the grocery store, so last week I avoided the shopping cart collisions and hustle and bustle within the aisles by picking up a few things at the Catawba Valley Farmer's Market. I have spent the last week enjoying my fruits, vegetables, and desserts and am already gearing up for my next trip to the Market!

The Catawba Valley Farmer's Market is truly a gem in Roanoke County! Known as the "friendliest Farmers Market in the valley," you'll find 60% of vendors selling locally grown food products and the remaining 40% selling handicrafts. All offerings are required to be grown or produced within 100 miles of the Market; however, many of the vendors are within a much smaller radius. While picking out some veggies, I spoke with a woman who has been selling her produce since 2010 when the Market first opened, so you know her peppers and cucumbers are going to be good!

I was also happy to see and talk with our friends from Roanoke County Public Libraries who have a table set up every week to offer free books, goodies, and a craft. This week she brought her button maker,
so I got to make my very own button!
It was hard to stick strictly to my shopping list in preparation for that night's dinner. I left with a couple cucumbers, a pepper, a couple peaches, homemade potato chips, a big blueberry muffin, a peach scone, and a half dozen cookies (okay, maybe a baker's half dozen).
I mixed those veggies in with some couscous, chickpeas,
and balsamic vinaigrette, and I discovered my new favorite dinner!

Make sure to check out the Catawba Valley Famer's Market this season! They are open rain or shine thanks to the pavilion. For payment, you can bring cash or card. If you choose to pay through card, you will purchase wooden nickels that represent $5 that the vendors will accept
and provide cash back as needed.
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